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Chip Kelly on Glenn Dorsey: ‘We’re hopeful that we’ll have him this week.’

Glenn Dorsey remains listed as limited in practice, but the optimism grows.

The San Francisco 49ers are back at practice, and defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey was once again listed as “limited” on the team’s injury report. He has been limited the last two days, and also the last two practices of Week 1. He was inactive for the first game, although Chip Kelly had said they were hoping to have him for the game.

On Thursday, Kelly met with the media as the team prepares for their Week 2 matchup with the Carolina Panthers. He got an early question about Dorsey and whether or not he had a setback last week. Here’s what Kelly had to say:

You mentioned last week that DL Glenn Dorsey would play unless he had a setback, did he have a--?

“Yeah, I don’t think he had a setback. It wouldn’t be the word I would use. I just think they all thought that Glenn, [defensive line] coach [Jerry Azzinaro] Azz and the trainers just thought an extra week would be better for him. So, we’re hoping we get him out here this week. He’ll be practicing today.”

Has he been participating in team drills?

“Yeah, he has been participating in team drills. Not every one. He’s kind of on a pitch count, so to speak, just because he’s coming off of the injury. So, we’re hopeful that we’ll have him this week.”

At the team’s Thursday practice, Matt Maiocco reported that Dorsey was working with the other defensive linemen in a drill simulating proper tackling form.

All indications are that he is getting close, and could be available on Sunday. The 49ers face a Panthers running game that is particularly solid, having a stout defensive front is going to be critical. And having an extra body to rotate in would be key. If the 49ers passing game does not show improvement from last week, it might once again be on the defense to keep this game manageable. Getting Glenn Dorsey back in the mix would be a big help in that regard.