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49ers-Panthers injury report: Still just limiting it

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The 49ers and Panthers posted their Thursday practice participation reports. Nothing surprising here.

The San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers will have one more formal practice, with a walkthrough mixed in, and then it will be game day. Here is where things stand on each injury report after Thursday. There is nothing particularly surprising about it, and both teams are in pretty good shape, health-wise, heading into Sunday’s game.

Arik Armstead continues to be listed as limited, but he will play on Sunday. He dealt with a shoulder injury through most of training camp, and the coaching staff is working him into the swing of things. He played 35 snaps last week, which was 57 percent of the defensive workload. Chip Kelly talked about how they are working him back into things.

“Yeah, because he’s coming off an injury. We hope we continue to ramp him up. You can’t take a guy coming off an injury and then throw him in for 70 plays when he’s never done anything up until that. So, we hope we lead up to it. We’ve got to kind of, same thing with him, we’re building him up. You hope eventually he gets to the point where we feel real confident that he’s got enough snaps. He just doesn’t have enough base work in for us to say, ‘Hey, we’re going to go play you for 70 snaps in a game on Monday night and then come back on a short week and be ready to play in the second week.’ We kind of knew going into it that we were going to have to ramp him up in terms of where he was. So, I think maybe that’s what Jimmy was alluding to.”

He and DeForest Buckner both were big impact players in Week 1, and I think it is safe to say the process they are using to get him back toward a full workload is off to a pretty good start.

49ers practice participation report

Limited participant: DT Arik Armstead (shoulder, knee), LB Nick Bellore (knee), S Marcus Cromartie (ankle), CB Chris Davis (hamstring), DT Quinton Dial (knee), DT Glenn Dorsey (knee), CB Keith Reaser (ankle), G Andrew Tiller (ankle)

Panthers practice participation report

Limited participant: S Dean Marlowe (hamstring), RB Jonathan Stewart (ankle)