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Anthony Davis ruled out for 49ers-Panthers with concussion

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New addition to the 49ers injury report.

The San Francisco 49ers will be without offensive lineman Anthony Davis this weekend due to a concussion. The team issued their final injury report on Friday, and Davis was a new addition. The 49ers have no more media availability this week, so we won't hear anything on this until after the game.

There is no word on when the concussion occurred because Davis was not on the injury report the last two days. It is possible the concussion happened before Thursday, but it would seem unlikely symptoms would not appear for such a delayed period.

Davis's absence likely means rookie John Theus will be active. He was inactive last week, but the team will need a swing tackle on Sunday. They got Davis some work in garbage time last week after they went up 28-0. Ideally they do not see garbage time the other way this week. And of course, hopefully no injury reasons we see Theus on the field.