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Bills fire Greg Roman

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The Buffalo Bills are off to an 0-2 start, and in spite of some decent numbers Thursday evening, Rex Ryan has decided the offense needs to go in a different direction. Ryan announced on Friday that the team is firing offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and running backs coach Anthony Lynn will replace him. Ryan said he informed ownership of the decision, and they are supportive of it.

The Bills are in trouble after two weeks, and Rex Ryan seems to have a good chance of being the first head coach fired this season. But, I’m guessing he figured firing Roman buys him a little more time. The defense is a dumpster fire, even as Ryan is viewed as a strong defensive mind. He brought in his brother, Rob, and Thursday night was not a particularly good performance.

The 49ers face the Bills in Week 6 up in Buffalo. If the Bills don’t turn things around, I wonder if Ryan is even around at that point.

Roman of course has plenty of history with 49ers fans. He will probably sit out the rest of the season and find a job in the offseason, but I suppose he could potentially land a job consulting for a college program. I’m curious to see what happens to him in the coming weeks and into the winter.