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Who will be inactive for 49ers-Panthers, Week 2?

The San Francisco 49ers have to decide on seven inactive players each week. Who will see deactivated for their Week 2 game in Charlotte?

The San Francisco 49ers travel on the road for Week 2, facing off against the Carolina Panthers. The team will announce 90 minutes before kickoff who their seven inactive players will be. Some we know already, others will be a bit of guesswork. Last week, I asked people for predictions, and I thought I’d have another call for predictions for Week 2.

Chip Kelly has said the team will only dress two quarterbacks, so we know Christian Ponder will be one of the seven. Anthony Davis is listed as OUT for the game, so we know he’ll be the second person. The team removed several players from the injury list, which could mean Glenn Dorsey will be active for the first time since his ACL injury. Additionally, John Theus is likely to be active since Davis cannot operate as the swing tackle.

We’ll have the full list of inactives by 8:30 a.m. PT on Sunday. In the meantime, here are my predictions (and the final injury report):

QB Christian Ponder
OL Anthony Davis
DT Taylor Hart
OG Joshua Garnett
CB Dontae Johnson
S Marcus Cromartie
DT Tony Jerod-Eddie

I added Cromartie again because of his questionable designation. I could see Keith Reaser or Chris Davis as a potential inactive given their own such designation. The removal of the probable designation makes it a bit harder to figure out questionable players.

If Reaser and Davis are both active, I think that also means Dontae Johnson ends up a potential healthy scratch. He played 22 special teams snaps, which was tied for tops with four other players. So I could be way off, and Reaser and Davis sits out.

The other interesting one is with the potential return of Glenn Dorsey. If the 49ers have an active Dorsey, that likely means one of the other defensive linemen ends up inactive. TJE played six defensive snaps and one special teams snap. It’s either him or Ronald Blair, and I don’t see the team deactivating Blair.