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Super Bowl 51 odds heading into Week 2

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The 49ers got a little bump with their win over the Rams.

The San Francisco 49ers put together a solid Week 1 win over the Los Angeles Rams, and as Week 2 begins, they have seen a bump in their Super Bowl odds. They are still long-shots, but the oddsmakers made an adjustment to reflect potentially a little bit more money coming in on 49ers futures. Here is a look at some odds, courtesy of Bovada.

The 49ers entered Week 1 at 150/1, which matched the Cleveland Browns for worst in the league. The Browns loss dropped them to 250/1, while the 49ers win improved them to 75/1. They have moved ahead of the Rams (150/1), and the Bills, Bears, Saints, Chargers, and Titans (all 100/1).

The 49ers also saw a slight bump in their NFC West odds. They entered Week 1 at 20/1, with the Rams at 10/1, the Cardinals at 7/5, and the Seahawks at 5/6. Entering Week 2, the 49ers and Rams swapped positions and odds, the Cardinals are now 8/5, and the Seahawks are now 5/7.

Here are the full Super Bowl 51 odds.