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Russell Wilson dealing with high ankle sprain

Might it impact the Seahawks in Week 3 vs. the 49ers?

The Seattle Seahawks face the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, and might be dealing with a bit of an issue at quarterback. Russell Wilson injured his ankle last week, and Adam Schefter is reporting the injury is a high ankle sprain.

Often times a high ankle sprain will cost a player several weeks, but once in a while we see someone work through it. Peyton Manning dealt with one back in 2013, but played through it. The big difference of course is that Wilson’s game is predicated in part on his mobility. He can stand in the pocket and make throws, but with the numerous questions about that offensive line, his mobility is important.

The Seahawks face a Rams defensive front that will be looking for a big day following the 28-0 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams generally play the Seahawks pretty tough, so it is going to be interesting to see if that defense can get to Wilson. And if they do get to him, might the injury be aggravated?

The Seahawks face the 49ers next week up in Seattle. My guess is Wilson will be fine and playing, but today’s Rams game will be one worth tracking to see how the injury shakes out.