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NaVorro Bowman on missed opportunities costing 49ers

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The San Francisco 49ers linebacker met with the media following the team’s Week 2 loss. He pointed to missed opportunities, but is optimistic. Here is video.

The San Francisco 49ers lost a tough one to the Carolina Panthers, coming back from 21 down to the cut the lead to seven, only to lose 46-27. All three phases of the game had some positives to take away, but there were too many mistakes and missed opportunities to complete a comeback.

NaVorro Bowman discussed this after the game. He pointed to the missed opportunities costing the team, but seemed optimistic about where things stood following the game. I’m a little surprised he would say Fozzy Whittaker didn’t have that good a game considering he rushed 16 times for 100 yards. He emphasized that to suggest it was good but not “that” good. But it felt like the team was not ready for Whittaker and he was able to make a lot of plays.

We’ll have more on the defensive shortcomings, but for now, here’s what Bowman had to say after the game.


I felt like we played well. I just feel like there were plays out there where you had to make the play. They did a good job executing and going on with their gameplan. I feel like both sides fought well, but we have more that we can learn from this game.

On the humidity:

The humidity was rough, not gonna shy away from it. It was a challenge, but we played a rough game. We play a game in any atmosphere, any weather, so we understand that we have to be ready for anything. Can’t blame it on that. Both teams fought, they just played a little better than us.

On Fozzy Whittaker having some success:

They scatted him out, I think that’s what he’s used for. I don’t think he had that much success. We were still in the game, we had a chance to win. We just came up short. They’re a good team, we’re a good team. I’m sure they will say the same, but like I said, when plays are out there to be made, you have to make them in games like this where you’re playing a good team.

On team in light of Week 1 win vs. Week 2 loss:

We have a good team. You can see the positives. You can see that any, the adverse situations we came upon, we stayed locked in. We finished the game. And that’s all you can ask for, for you to finish, not fold, not give up. It just comes down to a few plays out there, and I think it’ll be a different outcome.

On any surprise after comeback to cut deficit to 7 points:

Not at all. All week, we work together, we know what kind of team players we have, we know how prepared we are. We just have to turn it on a little faster, be more precise, execute what coach is trying to get accomplished out there, and leave it out there on the field. If we do all those things, we win this game without a doubt. But you know, it’s a long season, lot to learn from, now we’re on to Seattle.

On the Panthers big plays and fixable things:

Yea, there’s things, we were prepared. It’s just, you being a professional, understanding that those things you see throughout the week is gonna come in the game. May not come when you expect it, but they’re gonna come, and you have to be keyed in on those things, and ready to make a play. And that’s what it comes down to, just guys missing out on their opportunity to make that play, to turn it around for us.

On showing confidence with young defense still learning:

More confident, more comfortable. And that’s gonna come. This is the second game, we’re having a chance to win on the road against the Carolina Panthers. We can do nothing but go up. But the main thing we want to do as a team is stay together. If we can do that, it looks up for us.

On everyone sticking together, being bought in:

Yea, everyone’s bought in. It’s always hard when you get that first loss of the season. You want to see, alright, what are you gonna do, how you gonna respond? So, this is a challenge for this team, but I think we’re gonna go in the right direction.