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Rashard Robinson goes untargeted again, attempted a hit on Kelvin Benjamin

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The 49ers rookie deserves some more responsibility after two weeks. It might be a couple weeks before he gets it, but I like what I see for now.

The San Francisco 49ers secondary had a rough day on Sunday, with Tramaine Brock, Jimmie Ward and Antoine Bethea all getting beat on deep passes. I don’t think it was all bad, with Cam Newton throwing two dimes to Ted Ginn Jr. against Brock, but it was a rough outing.

Rookie cornerback Rashard Robinson was back out there, and for the second straight week, he was not targeted. A week ago, Robinson had 23 coverage snaps out of 25 defensive snaps. This week, he had only eight coverage snaps out of 11 defensive snaps. The team welcomed back Chris Davis and Keith Reaser, and that likely cut down on Robinson’s snaps.

I went back to watch the game on Gamepass, and here are my notes from his eight coverage snaps. Thanks to Jeff Deeney for the specific times of Robinson’s coverage snaps.

Q1 6:16 - Devin Funchess - bumped him deep on Ginn TD called back

Q1 5:31 - Kelvin Benjamin - Cam got looked but pressure forced him out to scramble to sideline

Q2 1:48 - Philly Brown (I think) - Cam looks to Ginn immediately over the middle

Q2 1:38 - Greg Olsen - quick pass in the flat to Tolbert

Q2 1:34 - Philly Brown - pass to Tolbert on other side

Q2 1:21 - Greg Olsen - to Ginn on the other side of the field

Q2 0:42 - Zone coverage - Pass to Kelvin Benjamin coming from other side of the field. Robinson leaned into him with his shoulder, left game after hit - Benjamin held on but left as well a little shaken up

Q4 6:28 - gives Greg Olsen slight bump off the line then goes to cover Fozzy Whittaker - pass to Olsen who Bethea had picked up in coverage

The 49ers moved him around, getting work against several different skill position players. Cam’s seven passes in the eight snaps never seemed to look Robinson’s way specifically. The one scramble is hard to tell without the all-22, but the pass rush forced him into a position where he could not look deep downfield wherever Robinson was at by the end of the play.

Robinson looked solid in his work. He was generally covering guys well, and getting physical as needed. It’s hard to say how he would have done if challenged, but he was willing to at least mix it up a bit. We saw him lead with a shoulder on a Kelvin Benjamin catch. It seemed to at least briefly knock the wind out of Benjamin, but as soon as Robinson hit the Panthers huge wide receiver, Robinson fell back. Benjamin is just a monster of a man. It was a very solid hit from Robinson, but he was not going to win that physical confrontation.

It would be nice to see the team get Robinson more snaps. He might get roasted if teams start to actually target him, but he’s shown enough going down the field with receivers that he deserves an increase in his responsibilities. It will of course vary by team as the 49ers schedule moves forward. I would not expect a lot of it with a team like Seattle coming up, but when the 49ers face the Arizona Cardinals and their numerous receivers in Week 5, I would expect a bump in snaps for Robinson.