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Panthers say scout team tempo was faster than 49ers on Sunday

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The 49ers were quick to the line in Week 2, but seemed in no hurry to actually get the play going.

Each NFL team uses a scout team of players to help prepare their offense and defense for the upcoming opponent. We hear about “player X” playing the role of Cam Newton so the 49ers can get their defense ready. The scout team can be critical in getting a team ready, and often gets credit from the starters after a victory.

The Panthers were very pleased with what the scout team threw at them this week. They said the scout team actually went faster overall. Safety Kurt Coleman had this to say about the tempo:

“It felt very comparable. The scout team guys push us to the limit,” Coleman said. “What they want to do for us is make this game a lot slower. (The 49ers) were getting to the line fast, but not snapping the ball as fast as we expected. That gave us time to regroup and see what they were doing. But we were ready for whatever tempo they wanted to go through.”

I’ve had some people saying this is an example of another team saying they have figured out Chip Kelly’s offense. I read it more as an indictment on the slow development of the 49ers offense from play-to-play. There were numerous instances where the team hustled to the line, but was in no real rush to do much at the line. They had the benefit of potential personnel advantages, but it just did not seem like the pace the 49ers would prefer to push at.