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Jason Whitlock tried to scold Colin Kaepernick, 49ers QB turned to an actual question

Colin Kaepernick’s press conference after Thursday’s game featured a broad range of questions about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s protest and what is next. We heard him talk about what change he wants to see, what he might do next, and what it meant to have other people involved. There was a lot of good back-and-forth in one of the rare wildly intriguing post-game press conferences.

Of course, that did not stop FOX Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock from offering up a bit of a scolding of Kaepernick for vagueness in his position.

Whitlock brought up a good point initially. There has been some confusion, with people focused on methods over issues. Whitlock started by asking Kaepernick if any of this fell on him for articulating a clear message. He pointed out some of the issues Kaepernick raised and said it was not that clear. If he had ended there, it would have made for a valuable opportunity for Kaepernick to speak to that. Instead, Whitlock seemed to try and explain how this whole thing works, saying, “If you’re going to make this kind of bold stand, and you want people to talk about the issues, you have to lay out the issues clearly.”

That was followed by a question on the other side of the room, and Kaepernick moved on from that. Whitlock may have intended otherwise, but it came across as speaking down to Kaepernick. It was an odd look.