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NFL roster cuts: Live blog of who is out there for the 49ers

Roster turnover begins as teams cut down to 53 players. Time to track who is out there, and who the 49ers might target.

The NFL calendar requires teams cut down to 53 players no later than 1 p.m. PT on Saturday. Chip Kelly informed the media on Thursday that the team would go through film all day Friday, and announce their decisions on Saturday.

A lot of teams will likely wrap up their roster cuts on Friday, and I thought we might as well keep up an eye on them. All players cut don’t go through waivers until Sunday morning. At that point, teams can place claims and grab whomever they want. The waiver order through the third week of the regular season is based on draft order. That means the 49ers have seventh priority on their picks.

I’m going to drop in tweets as news becomes available about players getting cut. Some notable names will be out there. Teams will cut down to 53 players, but then when waivers runs, we’ll have a run on some more players. Go ahead and drop in tweets of your own as well. To post a tweet in the comments, get the embed code and drop that in the comment.

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