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Colin Kaepernick ‘likely’ to make 49ers roster

NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo think the 49ers are “likely” to keep Colin Kaepernick on the roster. Not surprising, but there are other questions.

The San Francisco 49ers are making their final roster cuts on Saturday, but in the meantime, Mike Garafolo thinks Colin Kaepernick will not be among the players cut.

Colin Kaepernick put together a decent performance on Thursday evening, improving on his poor performance the week before against the Green Bay Packers. Christian Ponder looked solid in the fourth quarter, while Jeff Driskel did not help his cause with interceptions on his first two pass attempts.

Garafolo offered this in an exchange with a 49ers fan:

There have been times it has seemed possible the team would cut Kaepernick. After last night, the odds seem long that they cut him on Saturday. The bigger question then becomes how much if any game action Kaepernick sees this season. Blaine Gabbert is almost assuredly going to be the starting quarterback in Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams. But how long will he last in that role? The 49ers face a tough challenge out of the gates, with the Rams strong defense, a tough road game against Carolina, a brutal road game against Seattle, and then a home game against a Dallas team that is tough to figure. Follow that with a home game against Arizona and a road game against Buffalo, and this team could very well stumble out of the gate.

By the end of the season, will more than one quarterback have started a game for the 49ers?