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Chiefs trade Marcus Cooper to Arizona Cardinals

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The brief 49ers cornerback returns to the NFC West

Roster moves are happening in a flurry today and tomorrow as teams cut down to 53 players. We have a notable move that impacts the NFC West, sort of. The Kansas City Chiefs announced that they have traded cornerback Marcus Cooper to the Arizona Cardinals for an undisclosed draft pick.

Cooper was a one-time 49ers fan favorite. The 49ers drafted him with a seventh round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, and he had a really solid training camp. The 49ers waived him as part of final roster cuts, hoping to slip him to the practice squad. The Chiefs claimed Cooper, and an injury moved him up the depth chart. He started and looked solid for significant stretches. 49ers fans were beside themselves. Eventually quarterbacks caught on, and Cooper eventually lost his starting job.

Arizona will start Patrick Peterson and Brandon Williams at the basic cornerback positions. Cooper will come in and compete to be one of the first or second cornerbacks off the bench. The 49ers and Cardinals square off in Week 5 on Thursday Night Football. Chip Kelly’s offense can mean a lot of work for numerous wide receivers, but we don’t really know what the 49ers passing game will look like in a month and a half. Hopefully Arizona is forced deep into their bench of cornerbacks!