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The San Francisco 49ers would appear to have an offensive line

The San Francisco 49ers seem to have a first string line set for Week 1. I already feel more comfortable than last year.

The San Francisco 49ers rested quite a few starters on Thursday, and in doing so, they would seem to have revealed their Week 1 offensive line. John Theus was inactive as he has been missing time with an injury Ryan Sakamoto heard was a concussion. In addition to Theus, we saw the 49ers rest the follow:

LT: Joe Staley
LG: Zane Beadles
C: Daniel Kilgore
RG: Anthony Davis
RT: Trent Brown

That certainly is convenient, wouldn’t you think? I suppose it is possible something else shakes out of this with Andrew Tiller or Joshua Garnett, but for the time being, that would seem to be the starting offensive line.

A year ago this time, the 49ers offensive line included Staley, and everybody else was different. The rest of the line was LG Alex Boone, C Marcus Martin, RG Jordan Devey, RT Erik Pears. Anthony Davis had retired, and Daniel Kilgore was still working back from his ankle injury. The left side of the line was fine, but even Boone and Staley could not hold up carrying the abysmal rest of the line.

The 49ers have a lot to figure out on offense, but their lines appears to be developing into a strength in 2016. They need guys to execute in their new roles, but there is room for optimism. It is also possible the line sees changes by the end of the year. Injuries are always possible. Zane Beadles seems better suited for Chip Kelly’s offense than what he was involved in with the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, the team could have a first round pick sitting and waiting for an opportunity.

Joshua Garnett and Andrew Tiller are likely competing for the first utility spot off the bench. Marcus Martin is also competing for a roster spot, but would they really keep all three, when none of them can also play tackle? My guess is only two of those three make it.

But whatever the case, it’s nice to have some intriguing talent along the offensive line. Who knows how the execution will look, but I feel much better than a year ago.