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ESPN analyst Ryan Clark wears Colin Kaepernick jersey on Mike & Mike telecast

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The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem protest has grown over the past month, and while it has been a slow growth, it has grown. We've seen more players in the NFL, players in other sports, and even high school athletes taking a knee, raising a fist, or offering some form of protest.

One show of support for Kaepernick has been people purchasing and wearing his merchandise. A Baltimore City Council member wore a Kaepernick jersey to a council meeting last week. And this week, we get a slightly bigger boost for it on ESPN. While ESPN has discussed the protest, there has not been a significant show of visible support from the World Wide Leader. We saw a change to that on Tuesday during the TV telecast of Mike & Mike.

The radio show is simulcast on TV. They had Ryan Clark on for a segment, and he wore a Kaepernick jersey. This comes a day after reports of a black man shot and killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma while he had his hands in the air. You can read more here. The underlying message for Kaepernick's protest has centered on social injustice generally, but police brutality in particular. Given the now high profile nature of the Tulsa shooting, it will be interesting to see if we get more NFL players showing some kind of display this coming weekend. The Philadelphia Eagles had four players raise their fiston Monday Night Football during the National Anthem. I suspect we see more this weekend.