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DeForest Buckner talks about his first two games and preparing for Seattle

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The 49ers 2016 first round pick met with the media to give a progress report of sorts after his first two weeks.

DeForest Buckner hasn’t exactly shocked the world just yet, well if you look at his stat line. The 49ers’ 2016 1st round pick has been largely quiet. No sacks, one tackle to his name in both of his games this year.

Stats may lie, tape doesn’t. Buckner has been in the middle of a few plays and hasn’t been talked about much. When you’re not talking about someone like that, it’s probably a good thing. He’ll be up for a new test in Seattle dealing with the crowd noise. Regardless of how much he plays, the game in Seattle will give him some much needed experience for that venue, considering the 49ers are guaranteed to go there at least once a year.

What have your teammates told you about Seattle?

Almost a similar kind of offense. We’re going to get two offenses. When he’s [Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson] under center we’re going to get more downhill runs, more traditional NFL style runs and when he’s in the gun we’re going to get option plays. Expect cut blocks from the outside zones, so we’re working on it.

You’ve played mobile quarterbacks like Cam [Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton] and Russel this week. Is there a balance you have to go on from pushing the pocket and and kind of maintain edge?

Definitely. You gotta work certain techniques in your pass rush. You can’t always speed rush. You got to switch it up with some power rushes. Keep a more balanced rush to contain those type of quarterbacks.

I guess the danger there is if he gets out of the pocket he can actually do more damage than when he’s in. Is that what you’re thinking about?

Oh yeah. Both quarterbacks, Cam and Russel, they can hurt us with their feet. So if we give the edge, they have the dual threat to throw downfield or hurt us with their feet. So we just got to keep the pocket contained.

You went to Oregon so how easy is it to know your rival is still in Seattle?

It’s pretty crazy. It’s going to be a good experience being able to go down there and play the Seahawks. I hear the environment is crazy and it gets pretty loud in there. Reminds me a little of Autzen, it’s going to be the Autzen of the NFL I think. You know being loud and stuff like that, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

How is your week after your first two games?

First two games? I think they’re all right. Like I was saying earlier I think I played the run game better this week by with getting my pad level lower, and I still need to work on my pass rush game. So all in all I’m slowly progressing.

Do you feel like the game has progressed enough to where you’re a bit more comfortable?

Oh yeah, definitely. That’s how it is in any game with me. Back in college as the game goes on, I start to get better and better. Blessing that the coaches keep me in there long enough so I can start to get rolling. I just need to start off stronger.