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49ers promote Shayne Skov to active roster to replace Ray-Ray Armstrong

We break down the 49ers recent roster moves at ILB.

The San Francisco 49ers formally placed linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong on injured reserve Wednesday morning. The corresponding roster move involved promoting linebacker Shayne Skov from the practice squad. The team also signed Curtis Grant to the practice squad to replace Skov.

Skov spent 15 games on the 49ers active roster last season, and focused almost entirely on special teams. Armstrong’s injury means Michael Wilhoite will likely get more of a role alongside Gerald Hodges. Wilhoite had played exclusively special teams these first two weeks, which means they would need a potential special teams replacement. That is where Skov comes in. He will likely be active regularly, but I doubt he plays ILB unless there is another injury.

People were hoping Marcus Rush would be promoted, but given the nature of the 49ers depth chart, it was not going to happen. We still might see Rush at some point this year, but with Aaron Lynch coming back from suspension after Week 4, it might be a while.