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Jack Del Rio is not sure why the 49ers did not keep Delanie Walker

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It made sense at the time, but hindsight certainly leaves some regrets.

The Oakland Raiders are facing the Tennessee Titans this week, and on Wednesday, Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio had an interesting comment about Delanie Walker. Someone asked Del Rio what makes Walker such a dangerous player. His response:

"That's a good question, and why is he not still across the Bay?" the Raiders' head coach responded. "The guy is a good player, man. And he's one of these guys that can be a mismatch in the secondary.

"He's big enough to cause problems for safeties, and he's fast enough to cause problems for linebackers. It's hard to put a corner on him all the time."

The Titans signed Delanie Walker away from the San Francisco 49ers back in 2013. At the time, the deal was reported as four years at $17.5 million. The deal’s guaranteed money was higher than Walker had earned in his career to that point. This past offseason, he signed a three-year $19.075 million extension.

When Walker departed, people were not surprised the 49ers did not offer that kind of deal. Looking back at the comments following word of the contract value, and we have a mix of “best of luck,” “he got overpaid,” and “good riddance.” At the time, Walker’s single season career highs were 29 receptions in 2010, 344 yards in 2012, and three touchdowns in each of 2011 and 2012.

Since then, Walker has caught 60, 63, and 94 passes. He has become a key cog for Marcus Mariota, and will likely remain a big part of that offense for the near future.

As a 49ers fan, it was his work in the run game that I miss most. Hindsight would have all of us wishing the 49ers could have kept him over Vernon Davis at that point, but that’s life. But his contributions in the run game are probably what I miss most about him. I’m glad it’s worked out for him in Tennessee, but we’ll always have the wham play.