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Glenn Dorsey talks about coming back from injury and preparing for Seattle

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The 49ers nose tackle met with the media to talk about being back to football, coming back from injury, and preparing for Russel Wilson. You can watch the full interview, and him getting photobombed by DeForest Buckner at the 4:30 mark, here.

The San Francisco 49ers head up to Seattle on Sunday, and their defensive line is likely to be a critical component of any potential upset. The 49ers defense looked strong in Week 1 against Toddy Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams, but took a step back in Week 2 against the Carolina Panthers tough rushing attack.

In Week 3, they face a Seahawks team that is facing some serious questions about their offense. Russell Wilson is dealing with an ankle sprain, and they are relying on a rushing attack that has Christine Michael starting to resemble the guy the Seahawks drafted way back when. If the 49ers are going to stop the Seahawks offense, the defensive line is going to need to shut down both Wilson and the ground game. Glenn Dorsey is back from his torn ACL and could prove to be a critical component. He talked about his return from the torn ACL, and getting ready for the Seahawks.

Here’s the photobomb from DeForest Buckner:


Been like 10 months now. Feels good to be back, Still got a lot to work on and the initial, ‘getting into live snaps’ was pretty cool.

And that’s the first step right? You get back in and you knock the rust off and then you concentrate. So from that standpoint when you watch yourself on film, what do you see?

A rusty guy. I can tell I haven’t played in a while. I look at it as the only way is to go up from here. So I look forward to just getting back into it, keep working and getting better.

Obviously the next game is ‘up there’ what are your thoughts on that?

I’m excited. Division game, Seattle, we always play each other hard, I’m excited to go up and fight with my guys. I’m looking forward to it.

No rest allowed from last week.

No, we’re onto the next. Be ready for the next week. Go out there and give it what you got.

How do you contain Russell Wilson?

He’s a great player, a great quarterback. A leader. Have to try to corral him. Russell will be Russell. Gotta try to stop him and put yourself in situations to be successful and follow the gameplay, stick with it, stuff like that.

I saw you put so much work in on your own during training camp and stuff, do you feell like things came together quickly in terms of getting out, full team practice and then getting into game situations?

Yeah! Even though it was 10 months, it felt like it went really fast. Especially when you get past the first couple months and you can’t do nothing. Like I said, it felt good to get that step out of the way to where I can get live reps. Like I’ve said, I’m just looking to build on that, I’m rusty and that’s my mind set.

How many practices did you get in?

Uh, one or two? *laughs*

Isn’t that rare for you to only get one or two full practices?

Yeah. *Laughs*But we all felt like I was ready. It was time and like I said, just got to build from it. It was a good thing.

First now for you to jump off-sides?


Have you lost weight?


You look great

Thank you.

How did you feel by the end of the game?

Oh you know, as the game went on, I got more and more used to live reps and taking on blocks, shedding blocks. Just fighting with the team, so I’m looking forward for next week.

What’s it like at your stage in your career, you have an injury late in the season and it’s going to have some impact the next season. That had to be tough.

Well, I looked at it as a challenge. I know it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was something, you can’t really know it until you go through it. I have a lot of respect for guys, that come back from an ACL—any position, because it’s hard. Like I said, being able to come back and actually play the game and get back, it was a big step for me personally. I wasn’t happy with the result, just that first step major for me.

Now that you’ve had some first reps with your teammates, what do you think of Armstead and his development, DeForest Buckner?

I like him [Arik Armstead]. Everybody plays hard. Those guys play hard. They learn quick. They burn to the system and they play hard and physical. I’m excited to play with them and get back into the swing and building on it.

Do you expect to primarily be the nose tackle this year?

Oh all over. I just happen to be playing more nose now, but we cross train along the front and I play both positions. It seems like we’re going back and forth each year, but I’m prepared either way.

You played particularly well at nose guard and that was a new position. Have you since that experience, kind of taken to that position?

Well, a lot of it comes from cross training. A lot of the positions up front are the same. Where end there’s more space. Where nose there’s more of in the box, quicker stuff. Once you play one, you can play them all. It’s a good thing to have in the tool box like coach said.

What are the challenges of preparing for a quarterback with scrambling ability?

It’s always tough because you don’t always account for the quarterback to run the ball like they do. It’s like playing against an extra guy. You know, you gotta come up with a gameplan and keep them in there. Coral them. I look forward to it. We’ve played here before.