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Colin Kaepernick placed on cover of Time Magazine

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The platform grows.

The National Anthem protest that has grown within the NFL and other sports is getting a larger national platform. Time magazine has placed Colin Kaepernick on the cover of the October 1, 2016 edition. The magazine tweeted out the video below of the cover, with it starting as the American flag, and then Kap appearing on a knee. It’s a pretty cool dissolve to the cover. It appears this is the accompanying article.

We’ve heard more and more how this has developed a national discussion. The focus initially was on the knee, but it has slowly pivoted toward the important underlying issues. We’ve seen Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers each discuss donations of $1 million to community organizations. The Miami Dolphins players who took a knee recently held a townhall meeting with members of the police department and local leaders to discuss the issues in play. This is a slowly developing issue, but it is slowly moving forward to the issues that are most significant about this protest.