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Jacoby Brissett tore thumb ligament, likely needs surgery

And the Patriots will still have better QBs than the 49ers, right?

The New England Patriots had their way with the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football, courtesy of a strong defensive performance, and Jacoby Brissett looking solid in his first career start. It seems like Bill Belichick can do no wrong in Tom Brady’s absence.

And now, he gets another challenge.

Brissett replaced Jimmy Garoppolo last week, who injured his shoulder. Brissett made his first career start on Thursday, but now it might be his last start for a while. Tom Brady does not return until Week 5, and we don’t know the status of Garoppolo for Week 4.

The Patriots have ten days until they face the Buffalo Bills. It is safe to say they will sign another quarterback if Brissett does in fact have surgery. Maybe Garoppolo plays, maybe not. If there is a higher power with a sense of humor, we’ll see the Patriots roll out emergency QB Julian Edelman.

My guess is Garoppolo will be just good enough to get back on the field. But if not, and the Patriots find another way to win with whomever they can find, Josh McDaniels is pretty much a lock for another head coaching job, right? And somehow the Patriots will continue finding decent quarterback options while the 49ers keep sending out Blaine Gabbert. What a time to be alive!