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When will Colin Kaepernick replace Blaine Gabbert in 49ers starting lineup?

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The San Francisco 49ers kick off in less than 24 hours, and Blaine Gabbert will be the starting quarterback against the Seattle Seahawks. He has been up and down thus far, with a few big plays of note, but plenty of accuracy issues.

If the 49ers are going to beat the Seahawks, they will likely need a turnover-free game from Gabbert. I am skeptical about that, but Gabbert did throw for 264 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions last season in Seattle. Given how the Seahawks offense has played thus far, that very well could be enough to win the game this week.

That being said, I don’t think many people would be surprised if at some point this season, the 49ers look at a different quarterback in the starting lineup.

And so, with Week 3 in front of us, I wanted to get a baseline following the first two games. I’ve created the following poll for people to vote on when they see Colin Kaepernick replacing Blaine Gabbert in the starting lineup. A couple things to note in the poll:

  1. I am not counting in-game replacements, but rather, Kaepernick being the starter at the beginning of the next game.
  2. I included an option at the bottom for Christian Ponder. So, if you think Ponder ends up in the lineup next, click that last option, no matter what week you think it might be.

What do you think? We’ll probably do this each week until we either see a replacement, or we see some consistently solid play from Gabbert.