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Colin Kaepernick joins Oakland football team on sideline

Fooch’s update: Matt Maiocco is reporting the school was Castlemont High School, and Kaepernick spoke to the team in the locker room before the game. There is video of his pre-game speech, which I have embedded below the picture.

The San Francisco 49ers are headed up to Seattle on Saturday to face off against the Seahawks in a Week 3 matchup. It appears on Friday, after practice wrapped up at the team’s facility, quarterback Colin Kaepernick took in what appears to be a high school football game in Oakland.

Former Oakland Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison tweeted out this picture of Kaepernick on the sideline during the Anthem. He took a knee while the players laid on their backs with their hands in the air.

The protest has slowly pivoted toward action, as we have seen monetary donations, meetings between NFL players and police and community leaders, and Doug Baldwin calling on state attorney generals to review police policies and training procedures. Work within the community is critical. Kaepernick has indicated he has actions in mind beyond just the $1 million. This is just a small one, but ideally he is meeting with young people in the Bay Area to address the issues and get further talk going. Aside from working with younger people of color, there is value in also speaking with younger white people to continue the education process of the younger generations. It is another interesting development in this growing process.