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Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs. Seahawks in Madden 17

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Let’s see if Madden predicts another blowout.

Madden is currently 1-1 in our simulations. Last week they predicted the 49ers would lose via a 20-0 shutout to the Carolina Panthers. That didn’t necessary happen, but a blowout did occur.

This week we have Seattle, and in reality, the Seahawks have had their own fair share of problems. Let’s see if week 3 is going to be accurate.

Quarter Length: 6 minutes

Removed from the 49ers: Anthony Davis, Jaquiski Tartt

Removed from the Seahawks: Thomas Rawls, German Ifedi, Nick Vannett

1st Quarter:

The 49ers received the ball to start the game and the first play for the offense was...a pass? That Blaine Gabbert completed? Oh yeah, this is Madden.

Anyways, after that, the next pass was batted away and the 49ers stuck to Carlos Hyde to gash the Seahawks on the ground at 3-4 yards a clip. A -2 yard rush on the 50 yard line made Gabbert try passing the ball again, but was way out of reach of Torrey Smith, this brought a punt.

The Seahawk offense was penalized twice and failed to do anything for a 3 and out sending the ball back to the 49ers. Once again, the 49ers had movement up to the 50 yard line, largely from Carlos Hyde, but a Blaine Gabbert interception on 2nd and 7 put a stop to the drive. Despite going 3 and out, the field position of the pick allowed Steven Hauschka to make a 55 yard field goal.

Score: 3-0, Seahawks

The 49ers went 3 and out and a horrible Bradley Pinion punt set the Seahawk offense up at the 50 yard line. The Seahawks then took a 10 yard holding penalty and couldn’t do much on 1st and 2nd downs, but a 52 yard rush from Russell Wilson to close the quarter out gave the Seahawks the first touchdown of the day.

Score 10-0, Seahawks

2nd Quarter

After two incompletions and a 3 yard rush from Carlos Hyde, the 49ers again sent the ball back to Seattle for this now apparently good offense. With only one 15 yard pass to Doug Baldwin, the Seattle ground game apparently now has life and was able to clip 5 yards a carry and get into distance for a 49 yard Steven Hauschka field goal.

Score 13-0, Seahawks

The 49ers offense stopped running and went to passing the ball. A Gabbert sack and two Torrey Smith dropped passes left the 49ers at 3rd and 18. Enter: Vance Mcdonald? Somehow the 49ers tight end catches a ball and goes the full 18 yards for the 1st down. Despite more drops from Jeremy Kerley and Smith, the 49ers offense was able to get in range for a 44 yard Phil Dawson field goal.

Score 13-3, Seahawks

With 2:13 left in the half, Russell Wilson turned into Tom Brady and nailed 4 different receivers for 10-13 yards. The passing dominated series brought the Seahawks into the redzone within a minute and a C.J. Prosise touchdown.

Score 20-3, Seahawks

The 49ers offense again sputtered and went 3 and out. With the 1:00 left in the half, the Seahawks stormed down the field with the passing game, again. And Russell Wilson hit his first touchdown pass of the day to Jermaine Kearse

Score 27-3 Seahawks

The 49ers took a knee to close out the half

3rd Quarter

The Seahawks received and once hitting the 50 yard line, punted the ball back to the 49ers. The 49ers did the exact same thing, sending the ball back to Seattle. With a largely run dominated series, the Seahawks managed to get within range for a Steven Hauschka field goal.

Score 30-3, Seahawks

The 49ers received and did a single running play to close out this boring quarter.

4th Quarter

Once again, the 49ers went three and out and sent the ball back to the Seahawks. Thanks to a holding penalty on 3rd down against Eli Harold and a pass interference penalty against Navarro Bowman, the Seahawks managed to again get in field goal range and knock another one through the uprights. And they managed to take the clock down to 2:00 Ugh.

Score 33-3, Seahawks

You know what happens here...or do you? A Blaine Gabbert fumble set the 49ers back a few years and the 13 yard reception to Mike Davis on 3rd and 16 didn’t help. On 4th and 3 Gabbert had another one of his passes batted away and the Seahawks managed to take over.

On the first play from scrimmage, Russell Wilson fumbled the ball to be picked up by Eli Harold. From the 50 yard line, Gabbert started slinging the ball to everybody, coming within 5 feet for the 49ers first touchdown. Unfortunately a sack made things even more difficult, and a tackle on Vance McDonald’s reception at the 1 yard line stopped the 49ers from ever getting 7 points.

With 50 seconds on the clock the Seahawks just ran the ball out with nary a 49er timeout to stop them.

On the last play, a victory formation, Eli Harold injured himself.

Final Score: 33-3, Seahawks

Thoughts: Again, much like the Carolina game, pulling a win off in Seattle is probably wishful thinking, but this type of loss I don’t see happening. Madden apparently didn’t learn anything in the stat updates that Chip Kelly CAN score points. It also apparently didn’t downgrade the Seahawks stats, you know, the fact they have issues scoring touchdowns so far.

Regardless, I guess we’ll have to wait another week until Madden thinks the 49ers are competitive.