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49ers vs. Seahawks: Talking points the announcers will beat into the ground today

Yea, we know, announcers.

The San Francisco 49ers face the Seattle Seahawks, and as is the case every week, the announcers will focus on some very specific talking points. Our friends at Gang Green Nation put together a thread of what they expect to hear from the announcers on Sunday when the Jets face the Chiefs. Given the 49ers-Seahawks history, and the many stories revolving around this game, I thought it would be worth pointing out a few of our own.

  • Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem protest
  • Chip Kelly and Pete Carroll’s Pac-12 history
  • The 49ers-Seahawks rivalry isn’t what it once was
  • NaVorro Bowman is the leader of this 49ers defense
  • Legion of Boom
  • Russell Wilson’s miraculous recovery from his high ankle sprain
  • Christine Michael finally seems to have his head on straight
  • Those loud Seahawks fans

Feel free to offer up your own talking points that are guaranteed to be hammered into the ground Sunday afternoon.