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49ers defense gashed over and over again by Seahawks

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It has not been a good couple weeks for the 49ers defense.

The San Francisco 49ers lost to the Seattle Seahawks in decisive fashion on Sunday, getting dominated in every aspect of the game. We’ll have plenty more to say about Blaine Gabbert’s performance and future as starting quarterback, but the defense deserves a look as well.

The 49ers defense got the season off to a hot start, shutting out the Los Angeles Rams, and having no trouble against Todd Gurley. Since then, the 49ers have given up 947 yards and 83 points combined over the last two games. They got into the shootout with Carolina, and then were run down in a bad way by Seattle.

Over the course of Sunday, the 49ers gave up 106 rushing yards and two touchdowns to Christine Michael, 164 receiving yards and a touchdown to Doug Baldwin, and another 100 yards and a touchdown to Jimmy Graham. The Seahawks got little else from their other receivers, but clearly it was not necessary considering the damage wrought by Baldwin and Graham.

The Panthers game say Fozzy Whittaker rush for exactly 100 yards, and Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin catch 122 and 108 yards, respectively.

FOX posted this graphic midway through the fourth quarter.

For comparison, the 49ers have played 1,076 games in their history. So yea, it’s been a while since they’ve had three skill position players gash them that badly.

After the game, NaVorro Bowman spoke with Cam Inman about the team’s struggles. He did not specify what was causing the issues, but he did say it was different from last year in that they knew what the problem was. David Neumann will be breaking down the defensive failures later this week, so it will be interesting to see what his film study provides.