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Chip Kelly thinks Jimmie Ward dealing with muscle injury

Chip Kelly spoke after Sunday’s loss about Jimmie Ward’s injury.

The San Francisco 49ers had a bit of a scary moment on Sunday when Jimmie Ward went down with an injury. After the 49ers cut the Seahawks lead to 14-3, the team kicked off, with Ward on the coverage team. He ran down the field and pulled up with a leg injury while the kick was still in the air. He reached for his quad, and needed a couple trainers to help him off the field. He was ruled OUT for the remainder of the game a short while later.

Chip Kelly was asked about the injury after the game, and if he had a sense of the severity. Here’s what Kelly had to say:

No, I know it was a non contact. I saw in front of our bench and he was running and went down. From the preliminary indications they think it’s a muscle so it’s not a time when you see an ACL or something like that. That doesn't mean we can’t, something else could come up after that. They’ll obviously do everything they can medically to make sure that they look at him. The early indications were that it was a muscle so we’ll see where it is, but I did see him go down in front of me so I was kind of caught off guard by it too.

The 49ers are back in Santa Clara, and injured players will go through various medical check-ups. I imagine Ward will get an MRI to make sure it’s nothing more serious. Kelly meets with the media at noon on Monday, but he usually has that meeting before the medical results are available. Well, that’s what he tells us! We’ll probably have to wait for word to leak out later in the day.