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Michael Crabtree: ‘I’ve let it be known I don’t have anything to do with [Colin Kaepernick]‘

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Michael Crabtree got a question about the demonstrations, and he made his feelings clear.

The San Francisco 49ers had a couple more players involved in the pre-game National Anthem demonstration on Sunday, but there were a few more interesting things around the league. Oakland native Marcus Peters had a “hands up, don’t shoot” demonstration after each of his interceptions. Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson had a similar demonstration after his touchdown.

And then there were the Oakland Raiders. They were in Tennessee, where Bruce Irvin and Malcolm Smith joined a handful of Titans players with a raised fist. Smith had an interesting explanation for why he chose to do it for the first time this season:

“I’ve talked about it, I’ve thought about it, but I wasn’t going to do it until I saw a little girl in the stands try to put her fist up and her mom slapped her hand down,” Smith said after the game. “I just felt like you’ve got a voice, you should be able to use it no matter the circumstances. You’ve got a point of view, you should be able to use it.”

The reason I bring it up though is Ann Killion’s article linked above had an interesting exchange from Michael Crabtree.

“I just play football,” wide receiver Michael Crabtree said. “I ain’t no Martin Luther King.”

And Crabtree doesn’t want to offer his opinions on the transformation of his former quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

“I’ve let it be known I don’t have anything to do with him,” said Crabtree, who is evolving into Derek Carr’s most reliable receiver. “I’m a Raider.”

Well, alrighty then. On the one hand, Crabtree could have just been blowing off the question. On the other hand, he is always quick to brush off things when it comes to Colin Kaepernick. He’ll say stuff that sounds kind of like a shot, but it seems at times he can be a bit awkward in press conferences. So who knows what it all means.