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Najee Lovett, Tracy Clark outside 49ers facility looking for chance

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Some free agents do actually want to join the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have some issues on both sides of the ball, and there are some folks ready to offer their assistance! Cam Inman was outside the 49ers facility on Monday, and he happened across a pair of free agents looking for work. Former Idaho wide receiver Najee Lovett and former Washington State defensive back Tracy Clark were waiting outside with signs offering their services.

This became a thing last year when Joe Anderson stood outside the Houston Texans facility with a similar sign. He got a lot of publicity, and after weeks of nothing happening, he eventually signed with the New York Jets practice squad. I’m guessing the result inspired other folks to try and get some love from a team.

Both players are under the radar options, but you can find bits and pieces about them. A Bay Area freelance writer wrote about Lovett here. And you can view a highlight reel for Clark here. The 49ers wide receivers have not exactly been inspiring, but I think they stick with the options they currently have. The team loaded up on cornerbacks this offseason, although Jimmie Ward’s quad injury could cost him some time. I’m guessing neither ends up getting signed, but you have to admire the hustle.