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Anthony Davis offers brief tweet about his retirement

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We look at what Davis said, and what’s next.

The San Francisco 49ers once again announced that offensive lineman Anthony Davis has retired. The news came Monday afternoon, a week and a half after Davis suffered a concussion on the practice field. Davis offered up this tweet early Monday evening.

Davis retired 16 months ago, but returned for training camp. He said throughout his first retirement that he would return after a year to recover from various ailments and get himself back on track. He did return, and looked to be doing pretty well. He seemed set to take over at right guard, but then shortly before the team’s first game, there were reports he was considering retirement. He was meeting with family, and decided against it. However, he also decided he did not want to play right guard, and was moved back to the swing tackle role.

I can honestly say I was not at all surprised when the 49ers announced his retirement on Monday. The first time they announced his retirement, I was stunned. This time, I was just like, “Sounds about right.” Given the retirement speculation three weeks ago, it seemed like an inevitability.

The team has a free roster spot at this point. It actually would not surprise me if they decided not to fill the spot. The player they add would likely be inactive this weekend, and since they get Aaron Lynch back from suspension, they could decide to wait on it. They might decide they need a practice body, but otherwise, it might just be easiest to go a man short on the roster.