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NFL waiver wire: Week 4 order reset to current records on Tuesday

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The 49ers currently hold the 12th position in waiver priority.

The NFL has finally reset the waiver wire. The first three weeks of the season, the waiver order was based on the 2016 NFL Draft order. That is set by reverse order of 2015 record, with coin flips to sort out ties. Starting with Week 4 Tuesday, the waiver wire order is now based on the reverse order of current records.

The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the top pick in the waiver wire, followed by the other 0-3 teams in the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and Cleveland Browns. The San Francisco 49ers, at 1-2, are currently No. 12 in waiver order. That means if a player is waived, 11 teams get first dibs on the player before the 49ers.

This all gets a little more interesting when the trade deadline arrives on November 1. Before the trade deadline, when a vested veteran (four years of pension credit) is released, he instantly becomes a free agent. After the trade deadline, vested veterans go through waivers like anybody with fewer than four years of pension credit.