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Joe Staley not remotely surprised Anthony Davis retired again

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The San Francisco 49ers had their first locker room availability of the week, which means the first time since before Anthony Davis announced his retirement. Joe Staley leads the offensive line and was asked about Davis’ decision to retire for a second time.

I transcribed the brief comments, but I guarantee you they do not do justice to Staley’s Q&A. At times I thought he was just going to bust out laughing, and at the end when asked if he had expected Davis to retire again, I think he just wanted to say, “Who gives a [site decorum] at this point?” Give it a watch below.

I don’t know, I mean he wanted to retire, so he retired.

Is that surprising to the locker room?
No, uh uh.


Did you expect him to retire again?
Uhhhhh, I don’t know.