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Colin Kaepernick acknowledges size, strength issues in return to QB

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It offers a little clarity to the situation.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly has spoken a couple times this week about Colin Kaepernick’s status as the No. 2 quarterback. He said Kaepernick is the No. 2 in part because he is not quite 100 percent. More specifically, he pointed to him being below his normal 225-pound playing weight.

Kaepernick has said he is ready to play, but on Tuesday, he acknowledged the issue of his size and strength. He was asked why Chip Kelly has said he’s not quite ready. Kaepernick responded acknowledging his developing strength:

“I think it’s the fact that my weight isn’t where it is, or, where it was. My strength is still growing, developing. But once again, I’m always going to be prepared, always willing to put it on the line for this team.”

He pointed to having a generally lean body type, making it a little more difficult to add mass. He has been on a vegan diet the past year, and that can make adding protein difficult. That being said, even before he began this vegan diet, it seemed like mass was still an issue. He was muscular, but not nearly as “big” if you will as some might be putting in the kind of work he does. I mean, you could see it in particular in his legs, which have always been a bit smaller.

There is no timetable on when Kaepernick will be at the point where he can be the team’s starter, if a change is made. He remains the primary backup, with Christian Ponder inactive on game days. The two most likely timelines for Kaepernick moving into the starting lineup would be after the team’s Week 5 Thursday Night Football game, and during the bye that follows Week 7. If it does not happen in either of those weeks, I am not exactly holding my breath that we see it happen.