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Dez Bryant to miss Wednesday practice, awaits TBD MRI

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This is a little confusing, but follow along.

The Dallas Cowboys are returning to practice Wednesday morning, and will be without wide receiver Dez Bryant. He injured his knee against the Chicago Bears in the first quarter, and while he did return to finish the game, he is undergoing some medical examinations.

The whole thing is kind of odd. Bryant was expected to undergo an MRI on Monday. Jerry Jones later said he had not undergone an MRI and so Jones figured Dez was good to go. There was an update later on Tuesday that Bryant had indeed undergone an MRI. On Wednesday, Jason Garrett said they did not have results yet.

PHEW! Got all that? My guess is Bryant ends up fine and playing on Sunday, but he is off to a slow start this season. He had seven catches for 102 yards in Week 2, but had four receptions for 48 yards and a touchdown combined in Weeks 1 and 3. If the knee is nagging him, that certainly is a benefit to the 49ers. They still face a tough task in Cole Beasley, who leads the Cowboys with 20 receptions for 213 yards. But a banged up Bryant is certainly a step down from a healthy Bryant.