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Dez Bryant has ‘slight’ hairline fracture in bone of one of his knees

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The Cowboys think Dez Bryant has a chance of playing on Sunday, but this is not good news.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett spoke with San Francisco 49ers media on Wednesday, and he offered up some interesting news. Wide receiver Dez Bryant injured his knee on Sunday, and while he did finish the game, an examination has revealed a fracture Garrett described as slight.

Players have worked through hairline fractures, but this would seem to make him more than just “probably going to play” questionable. He could work through it, but a fracture is not something you just blow off as no big deal. He is not practicing on Wednesday, and the team will continue to assess his status the rest of the week.

If he is unable to play, Cole Beasley will remain the Cowboys No. 1 receiver. Although Bryant has played each of the last three weeks, Beasley has been Dak Prescott’s most frequent target, catching 20 passes (on 25 targets) for 213 yards. Jason Witten will remain a regular target as well. Terrance Williams led the team in receiving yards last week, so he will be one to watch as well in the passing game.