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49ers vs. Seahawks: Looking at San Francisco’s sacks

The 49ers didn’t allow a sack, and they managed to notch two of their own.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers sacked Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson twice on Sunday, and they did not allow a sack to Blaine Gabbert. If we pretend that’s all that happened, then Sunday’s game was pretty dang great, right everyone?

Okay, perhaps we can’t just pretend that. But we can at least appreciate the sacks for what they were: pretty good plays by the 49ers. Getting pressure has been something the 49ers have done surprisingly well this season, a definite plus especially with Aaron Lynch serving a suspension to start the season.

Ahmad Brooks has looked very good over the first three games, and the defensive line has generally played well. I’m not going to pretend they have been perfect by any stretch, but it’s been a good look overall thus far. Below, we’ll take a look at the two sacks the 49ers got against the Seahawks.

1st and 10 from SEA 26 at 0:40 in 2nd: Wilson sacked at SEA 20 for -6 yards by Brooks

This wasn’t a good play by Wilson, but it was a pretty good play from every player rushing. Every single player got push and when Wilson abandoned the past, he didn’t really have anywhere to go. The outside players pushed further than any but it was Brooks who had the best vision. He disengages from his guy and brings Wilson down pretty effectively.

1st and 10 from SF 26 at 11:01 in 3rd: Wilson sacked at SF 37 for -11 yards by Glenn Dorsey

Once again, most of the line gets good pressure here. Notably, look at DeForest Buckner getting held big time, but he’s still making his way through the line. It’s pretty impressive, but he’s ultimately not the one who gets to Wilson.

Like the other sack, Wilson doesn’t make a great decision here. It’s a good sign that his knee really is an issue at this point and it’s seriously ridiculous the Seahawks thought it a good idea to keep him in the game. It was negligence at best and completely stupid at worst.

Ultimately, this sack could have went to three different players, but it is Dorsey who actually brings Wilson down. There is nothing specific the 49ers did in this or the above sacks that caused the Seahawks to break down, they just got solid push and collapses the pocket on Wilson.