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Dez Bryant MRI was delayed because Cowboys WR missed scheduled events on Tuesday

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Dez Bryant seems unlikely to play following an odd series of events.

This whole Dez Bryant thing just grows more and more odd by the day. The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver injured his knee in Week 3, and while he finished the game, he was set to get an MRI to figure out what was going on. Initially the thought was that he would get the MRI Monday, but that was adjusted to Tuesday. However, heading into Wednesday there were questions about when exactly it happened.

Cowboys reporter David Moore is reporting the delay in diagnosing what is now being called a hairline fracture in his knee was due to Bryant missing meetings and the MRI. Bryant apparently arrived late on Tuesday, and it was too late to get the MRI. The team does not have an on-site MRI option, but they apparently will have it eventually. Since he could not get off site for the MRI, Bryant had it Wednesday.

Jason Garrett told 49ers media that about the hairline fracture, and the article linked above describes it as a lateral hairline fracture of the tibial plateau of his right knee. One former NFL doctor thinks it could be more like a 4-6 week injury, but he had not seen the images of Bryant’s injury.

Whatever the case, Bryant seems a strong bet to not play this weekend against the 49ers. If he is unable to go, Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams would be Dak Prescott’s three most notable pass catching targets. Witten is the security blanket, Beasley is the guy who can do a good job picking up smaller chunks of yards, and Williams is more of the big play threat in that group.

Cowboys reporter Charean Williams discussed Brice Butler as a player to watch with Bryant potentially out. Butler was originally a seventh round pick of the Oakland Raiders, and was acquired last year when Bryant got hurt. He had a big 67-yard catch, but suffered a hamstring injury and did not see a lot of opportunities.