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Chip Kelly offers sort of explanation about the S & 8 on his play sheet

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Kelly would not say what the S and 8 stand ford, so it’s time to guess!

Whenever we watch the San Francisco 49ers on television, head coach Chip Kelly is shown with the play sheet he uses each game. I’ve noticed in our photo tool that the play sheet includes the letter S and the number 8 on one side. You can see them here:

NFL: Preseason-San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

At his Thursday press conference, Kelly was asked about the play sheet and why he had the S and the 8 on it. He said it was there to keep people from seeing the plays on the other side. Apparently when cameras would zoom in, people could see the plays through the sheet, so the S and the 8 were added.

There was a follow up question as to what the S and 8 each meant. Kelly said they meant something, but it was personal, so he did not share the specifics.

The font reminded me of the font used for Google, but I can’t honestly think of a single reason for what they might mean. And so, in a form of “Caption This,” what do you think the S and the 8 stand for?