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The evolution of Mike Davis

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It was more than giving up Flamin’ Hot cheetos, but that was a start.

The competition at the running back position is deep. Carlos Hyde is your clear number one, and Chip Kelly stated that Shaun Draughn has emerged as the number two. What about the San Francisco 49ers 2015 4th round pick from South Carolina that had so much potential? He’s still not happy about going in the 4th round and he’s ready to make a statement.

A lot has been said about Mike Davis’ off season transformation. He gave up his biggest vice, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and leaned out to improve his performance on the field. It wasn’t easy. His roommate during training camp was Eli Harold who had the task of putting on weight for the season. Davis said there were always multiple bags of chips of some sort in their room which was a huge challenge to his will power.

Davis also says he’s running with a lot more anger this year. Have you been on social media saying he sucks? He’s heard it all.

People thinking that I’m not going to make the team, you know, I’m going to get cut, people telling me that I suck. I hear that a lot, that I suck. Things like that motivates me to want to be great.

It’s a chip on my shoulder every time I touch the field. That’s something that makes me go out there and play angry with the mind set that I won’t be denied.

It’s not that that Davis wasn’t as angry last season, but now he’s less distracted by his personal life. Making sure that everything was taken care of with his family back home caught up to the running back last year. He’s determined that it won’t interfere in 2016.

Another key contributor to the running back’s resurgence? Chip Kelly. Davis had a lot of praise for the system which not only makes him more comfortable, he feels it fits him and showcases his abilities. The fast paced offense has not kept the game from slowing down for the running back in his second year, it's helped him flourish.