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Vikings trade for Sam Bradford

This is a big one. And could work well for all parties involved ... Maybe.

The Minnesota Vikings lost quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for at least the season, and they have found a short term solution. Adam Schefter is reporting the team traded for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford. Schefter is reporting the compensation is believed to be "significant." Fooch's update: Tom Pelissero is reporting it's a 2017 first and an additional pick in 2018 (and new update says it’s a fourth in 2018).

The 49ers don't play either team, but this is still a fascinating development. Bradford will get to work with offensive coordinator Norv Turner, which could be significant for his career. Turner is the proverbial QB whisperer. He did good things in one season with Alex Smith, and I still think that departure (coupled with Smith's shoulder injury) changed his career trajectory significantly. It might not work out for Bradford, but this is an optimal situation for him.

Schefter tweeted that we should not be surprised if the Eagles get a first round pick. If that's true, that's kind of crazy. They signed him to a short term extension and then traded up to draft his replacement in Carson Wentz. Significant compensation would be huge for them.

And the Vikings get a decent option (if he can stay healthy), who is not committed to a huge deal. If Bradford can stay healthy (big if), this is an intriguing deal. That being said, a first and a fourth?!?!