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NFL roster cuts: Lions release Brandon Thomas after Jeremy Kerley trade

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Well, that was quick. The Detroit Lions are set to release offensive lineman Brandon Thomas as they cut down to 53 players. The Lions acquired Thomas from the San Francisco 49ers over the week in a deal that sent the 49ers wide receiver Jeremy Kerley.

It’s safe to say both teams were going to cut the respective player if a deal could not be done. However, there is an excellent chance Kerley makes the 49ers roster when they cut down to 53 players. The wide receiver lacks any semblance of proven depth, and Kerley could also potentially serve as the punt returner following Bruce Ellington’s placement on injured reserve. If Kerley makes the roster, I suppose we could say they “won” the trade. So, they’ve got that going for them.

The 49ers originally spent a third round pick on Thomas after he tore his ACL a month prior to the 2014 NFL draft. He sat out the 2014 season as a medical “redshirt.” He made the roster in 2015, but a high ankle sprain slowed him down at one point, and he could never work his way into a role with the team. I think someone will give him a chance at some point, but I could see his best shot being with a practice squad.