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Santa Clara police department issues statement on union letter

How will the position shake out over the course of the season?

The Santa Clara police union sent a letter on Friday to the San Francisco 49ers demanding some kind of action against quarterback Colin Kaepernick. They are not pleased with his comments or his socks, and they threatened a boycott of the team if they did not do something.

The Santa Clara police department has offered up a letter of their own. The Chief of the department issued this statement about the 49ers and the police union. The statement closes with the Chief saying he will work with both sides to figure out a solution. This strikes me as more constructive than threats, so hopefully some good comes of this.

Yesterday, the Santa Clara Police Officers Association (SCPOA) sent a letter to the 49ers organization requesting that they take action against their employee, Colin Kaepernick, for his recent statements and behavior towards police officers.

The SCPOA suggested that if the 49ers did not address his behavior, members of the union might choose to not work Levi's Stadium events.

Many of us in the law enforcement community have been saddened and angered by Kaepernick's words and actions. His blanket statements disparaging the law enforcement profession are hurtful and do not help bring the country together. As distasteful as his actions are, these actions are protected by the Constitution. Police officers are here to protect the rights of every person, even if we disagree with their position. Police officers have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution.

In Santa Clara we are fortunate to have excellent police-community relations that are built on trust and mutual respect. We have gone to great lengths to engage with our community to listen and understand their needs. As the Chief of Police, I am committed to continuing the relationships we have with our residents.

The men and women of the Santa Clara Police Department are highly trained and professional law enforcement officers. The safety of our community is our highest priority. I will urge the POA leadership to put the safety of our citizens first. I will work with both sides to find a solution. In the meantime, I will ensure we continue to provide a safe environment at Levi’s Stadium.