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Six 5th graders take knee during Pledge of Allegiance, follow Colin Kaepernick’s lead

It is safe to say Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit (and later take a knee) during the National Anthem is not going away anytime soon. He has said he will continue doing this, and others have begun to join him. Teammate Eric Reid joined him in taking a knee on Thursday, and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane sat on Thursday during the Seahawks game in Oakland.

Now, kids are joining in. A public school teacher tweeted that six 5th graders took a knee during their morning recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. This is a fascinating development, and a sign that this is kind of a big deal. The NFL kicks off the regular season next Thursday, but the bulk of the Week 1 games are next Sunday on September 11. Will we see people take a knee or seat during the Anthem on a day that has become a big deal in America? This is all so very intriguing. (via Black Sports Online)