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Rod Streater trade involved about the lowest picks imaginable

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The former Chiefs and Raiders wide receiver could make an impact though.

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs put together a trade on Saturday that sent Rod Streater to the Bay Area for an undisclosed draft pick. USA Today reporter Tom Pelissero scored the details on the trade, and it’s kind of amusing how little it is.

I worked in minor league baseball for a season, and teams made trades involving random things other than players and cash quite frequently. I’m going to say this trade is a step up from trading Streater for a few footballs. Yes, seventh round picks can result in high quality talent once in a great while, but swapping conditional seventh round picks three drafts down the road? Yea, that’s basically a deal of the Chiefs wanting to get literally anything they possibly could for Streater.

And yet, Streater is going to get a significant opportunity with the 49ers. They have more questions at wide receiver than almost any other position. Streater will get a chance to compete for significant playing time right away. Maybe this turns into a steal of a deal for the 49ers.