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49ers-Cowboys odds: Public money on Dallas, line dropping in SF favor

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The San Francisco 49ers opened on Sunday as a 2.5-point underdog at home against the Dallas Cowboys for Week 4. The 49ers were boat-raced by the Seattle Seahawks, while the Cowboys took care of business against the Chicago Bears. It is no surprise the 49ers would be an underdog.

Over the past week, we’ve seen a little bit volatility in that line. It climbed up to a field goal by Monday morning, but Cowboys injury news has brought it back down. A majority of sportsbooks have it around two points right now, while some have gone down to one, and a few stuck at three. The latter that have stuck at three are making you bet more to get the number, with Bovada currently paying -125 if you want the 49ers as a field goal favorite. For comparison, other sportsbooks are offering +2 at -110. For -125 and -110, that means you have to bet that much money to win $100. For comparison, the Cowboys at -3 on Bovada is paying at +105, which means you win that much money if you bet $100.

Although the line is coming down, bets are still coming in more for the Cowboys than the 49ers. Currently, 60 percent of wagers (bets placed, not money bet) are on the Cowboys. It is possible the 40 percent on the 49ers is a higher handle, but for now, we just know that more people are placing bets on the Cowboys than 49ers. That number comes from the various sportsbooks that our friends at Odds Shark track.

So what does all this mean? The 49ers are coming home after two straight generally poor performances. The defense has had some issues, but they were dominant their last home game. This unit feels like one that will be better at home than on the road. The 49ers managed a 4-4 home record last year, and they return with a more experienced and deeper defense this season. They’ll have their problems at home, but I think we see a strong home performance this Sunday. And I think that and Carlos Hyde will be the difference in this game.