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49ers roster: Average age is middle of the pack

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The 49ers got older from last year, but given their offseason, it makes sense.

The San Francisco 49ers 53-man roster is set for the time being. The team did not claim any players off waivers, but did lose four of their players to waivers. They were likely hoping to get at least one or two of them to the practice squad, but such is life.

Now that we know the 49ers roster, we also now know the average age of the group. Over at Philly Voice, Jimmy Kempski broke down all the 53-man rosters and figured out their average age. He created a helpful table comparing it to each team’s roster on cut down day dating back to 2012.

Some of these average ages are going to change following waiver claims. The 49ers will not though, so we can work with that figure. They average out at 26.08, which as of yesterday ranked No. 16 in the league. A year ago at this time, the 49ers average age was 25.83, which ranked No. 8. The preceding three years they were ranked in the 20s for for average age (thus older). The oldest player on the roster is Phil Dawson (41), and the youngest player is Rashard Robinson (21).

It is not surprising the average age went up. The team made some offseason additions, but without much in the way of free agency additions, the bulk of the roster was going to get a year older (that’s how aging works). They are counting on a lot of players from the 2013, 2014, and 2015 draft classes to step up this season. To a certain extent, those three classes will make or break this season for general manager Trent Baalke.

The 49ers currently have one player over 40 (Phil Dawson), and four players over 30 (Glenn Dorsey, Antoine Bethea, Ahmad Brooks, Joe Staley). They have four players currently 29 (Zane Beadles, Bruce Miller, Kyle Nelson, Michael Wilhoite). Miller turned 29 in August, while everybody else will turn 30 during the coming season. Of these nine players, Bethea, Brooks, Staley, and Beadles are non-special teams starters, Dawson and Nelson are special teams starters, and the remaining three are rotational guys for the time-being.