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49ers-Rams odds: Monday Night Football has home underdog

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I’ll take that 2.5 points.

We are now one week away from the San Francisco 49ers regular season opener. They will host the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football, in the back half of the season opening MNF doubleheader. And just like a year ago, the 49ers are a home underdog.

Last season, the 49ers faced the Minnesota Vikings in the late MNF game. The 49ers actually opened as a 3.5-point favorite when the schedule was released, but that quickly flipped, and the game closed with the Vikings sitting as three-point favorites. The 49ers upset the eventual NFC North champions, shutting them down by a final score of 20-3.

This year, the 49ers opened as a two-point underdog to the Rams. The line climbed as high as three points, but has settled in at 2.5-points here at the start of the game week. The Rams are expected to start Case Keenum, with Jared Goff potentially serving as the third string quarterback.

And I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind getting 2.5 points from the Rams. Later this week I’ll have to pick five games for my SuperContest entry, and there is a very good chance I take the 49ers. I don’t anticipate selecting the 49ers frequently during the coming season, but home underdogs against the Rams is kind of interesting.