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More Colin Kaepernick merchandise sold in last week than previous 8 months combined

Non-49ers fans, and even non-football fans are getting in on the action.

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest some of the ills of society during the National Anthem has resulted in extensive discussion about a variety of issues. It has also resulted in merchandise flying off the racks. Over the weekend we wrote about how his jersey had gone from No. 20 to No. 1 in sales on the 49ers website. Darren Rovell has further details on just how much Kaepernick merchandise has sold over the past week.

Considering how this offseason has gone, and the questions about his roster status prior to the protest, it’s safe to say his decision to sit is the impetus for the merchandise sales.

There have been some jokes about people just buying them to later burn them on YouTube. However, there have been some non-49ers fans, and even some non-football fans who have said they are buying his merchandise. Even Raiders fans! The whole thing is an interesting development in conjunction with his stand. I don’t know how many more players will be involved in this kind of protest, but people outside of the sports arena are certainly getting into it.