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J Cole, Trey Songz wear Colin Kaepernick jerseys at separate concerts

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I don’t know when something officially qualifies as a movement, but the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem protest is gaining some steam. The latest inclusion is two singers wearing Kaepernick jerseys at concerts. J Cole and Trey Songz were each performing this weekend, and they both were wearing Kaepernick jerseys. Trey Songz went with the home No. 7, while J Cole went with the road No. 7.

Over the last week, more Colin Kaepernick merchandise has been sold than in the previous eight months combined. Returning from injury following a trade demand would suppress sales for anybody, but it is safe to say this protest, movement, whatever you want to call it, has led to a significant resurgence.

And it only seems to be gaining momentum. Last week, in the 49ers preseason finale, Eric Reid joined Kaepernick. The same night, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane joined in, and later said Kaepernick called to thank him. Over the weekend we heard about six 5th graders taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance. And finally, on Sunday, Megan Rapinoe took a knee during the National Anthem at an NWSL match.

The real next step will be later this week when the NFL kicks off Week 1 of the regular season. Will we see more players take a knee on Thursday Night Football, in any of the September 11 Sunday games, or either Monday Night Football game? If this is going to take a step forward, this weekend will be a notable step. And there is the chance for plenty more publicity in other non-sports venues, as we saw with these concerts. The whole thing is just starting to get interesting.